Top 10 Things To Do

1) Visit a traditional French market

Visit the French market in Sarlat in the medieval quarter on either a Saturday or Wednesday morning. To learn more about Sarlat and the market watch this: Video of Sarlat (click here)

2) Visit Domme

Visit the bastide walled town of Domme. Video of Domme (click here)

3) Explore the history of the area.

See the Trogloditique caves in the rocks at La Roque Gageac. La Roque Gageac (click here)

4) Try the local wine

Visit the award winning Florimont-Gaumier vinyard: Vin de Domme Read more: Aquarium (click here)

5) Take a trip down the Dordogne River

Do half a days canoeing or kayaking from Cenac down the Dordogne river.

6) Indulge yourself with local delicacies

Try the local Fois Gras both cooked and as a smooth pate.

7) Go back in time to an age of battles and medieval chateaux

Visit some of the most famous chateaux in France. Such as…

– Château de Castelnaud
– Château de Hautefort

8) Visit the Aquarium

With more than 3 million litres of water and over 6 000 specimens of fish, the Parc Aquarium du Périgord Noir is unquestionably the largest private outdoor freshwater aquarium. For more:
Aquarium (click here)

9) Visit Le Gouffre de Proumeyssac

A tunnel provides easy access to this huge underground vault, whose walls are adorned with countless crystallizations of exceptional density. For more: Crystal Cavern (click here)

10) Dine in the Medieval Quarter of Sarlat

This is an unforgetable experience with many local delicacies to choose from (Duck, Goose, Pate de fois gras).